Writing and Advertorial

Writing an Advertorial for your business

When it comes to advertising and promoting your business, one of the best responses you can have is from an advertising review or an Advertorial.

Where as an advertisement has a very limited amount of space and needs to get an immediate response or it will be over looked, people like to read information in detail to understand a business. An advertorial allows you to put across your business idea in front of people as a pitch, explain in as many words as you need to get your point over and lead them to a point of action so that they can contact you. 

The TAN Marketing platform gives every member the opportunity to promote their own business in their own advertorial, so that they can explain to people what their business is and the advantages and benefits they have to offer. These are then promoted out to the Internet so that anyone can find them and read all about their business. They then link into the rest of the TAN platform so people can see their MyTAN posts and their TAN website about their business. People viewing the page can then like and share the article and spread the word through social media.

Setting Out To Write An Advertorial

When it comes to writing your own advertorial, you need to start of with a quick introduction about your business, products and services or yourself. You can just start by pitching people to part with money or it will turn them off straight away.

The structure of an advertorial will depend on the type of business, but generally it needs to have a lead in, explaining the who, what and why of the business or service. Then explain the details of what you are offering, then bring them round to taking their interest and tell them how they can get in touch or find out more information. The article will then finish off with your website link to take them straight to your website.

Title : Ensure that your title is eye catching but reflects what your article is about, try a slogan

Introduction: slowly introduce people into what the article is all about, don’t use technical jargon and key phrase terms to try an impress, ensure the content is accurate and don’t make outlandish claims.

Tell the story: Most people need to be educated as they read your article, so make a story line to explain what your article is about, what you are offering and more importantly if it will benefit them. Put some of your own background story into the article, as people relate better to people.

Break up the article with sub headings, it makes it easier to write and also helps people so can flick back and carry on reading

Concluding: Finish off your article with a sum up, what you want the reader to do and how they can do it. Make it a call to action.

More information: People on your TAN Advertorial will then be able to link through to a website your promoting on the advertorial for more information or click into other pages that you are promoting to link through to you.

In Summary

A well written Advertorials can be what informercials are to TV and have the power to make people connect with you. Backed up with an integral marketing solution, it leads the reader to learn more about you and to take their next step.

Every member in The Advertising Net Marketing can benefit from producing their own advertial, have a MyTAN page to post articles and build a multiple page website to promote every aspect of their business.