FREE MyTAN profile pages

FREE MyTAN profile pages

FREE MyTAN profile pages

The search engines love fresh content and what better way to start to promote your business than a marketing system that gives you FREE content you can post up with news, links, content, images and video to help market your opportunity.

TAN Marketing has been designed to help any business promote their products and services with a complete marketing solution. As a member you have access to MyTAN pages where you can update your page with your latest information.

You can add your social media links into your MyTAN account so people can connect with you socially.

The system has been designed to be really easy to use, simply click on add a post, put in a title, your content and any link you want to refer to. You can embed the code for any video and upload an image. Your latest post will then appear at the top of your MyTAN profile.

Our marketing solution has been built to help promote you across the search engines and by linking your social media back to your own MyTAN page helps by cross linking accounts and media together.

As part of our membership, we provide helpful guides for good information to help you make the best of your marketing.

Full Membership

Full membership to TAN Marketing give you a complete marketing solution, with your own responsive website, MyTAN pages, unlimited banner advertising and an opportunity to earn money by promoting your business. You can set your TAN Website up in your own layout and colour scheme then add as many pages as you need to promote every aspect of your business.

You can earn money from sales referral commissions, turning advertising into a profit whilst promoting your own business.

As part of TAN membership, you can also upload unlimited banners to promote your business. These banners are a great way of promoting your business as they do not run out, can be changed at any time and have unlimited hits and referrals.


Take the opportunity to sign up for your own FREE MyTAN profile and start to get results from marketing and promoting your business. Invite your friends and share your profile on your social media. Anyone visiting your pages can share and like your site on their social media and help spread the word.

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