Happy Dog, Happy Owner

Talented Dog Training

By instilling discipline using positive reinforcement and discovering your dogs personality, the dog will develop confident behaviour in every circumstance and surrounding.

A happy dog owner will assertively be able to take their dog into any public space without the fear of their dog misbehaving as they will have full cooperation from a willing dog. 

A trusting and understood, dog will be able to socialise and integrate in every scenario influencing his response to unpredictable circumstances.

Talent Dog Training will provide positive reinforcement and integration of your dog into the human environment which is implemented with care and kindness.

Text or email Talent Dog Training to start owning and developing your new relationship with your dog.

About:  Joann’s motivation for training dogs is driven by her natural compassion and love for animals which has developed from the age of 16, when she trained  dogs at their  local Police training school.  This developed into training dogs for the film industry, and has accumulated over 30 years experience.




Training Options:

Hourly Option: one to one alone with dog and owner:  Intensive corrective training, with 10mins play or rest in between.

Daily Option: Intermittent training throughout the day, addressing the issues with play, positive reinforcement, stimulation, and rest which is balanced for effective and immediate results.

Overnight Option; Crate training, separation anxiety, and sleeping throughout the night in owner chosen place.

Sleep/rest on command.

Talented Dog Training
Joann Griessel

Joann's Talent Dog Training

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Areas covered: Chiswick,Turnham, Green, Acton, Gunnersbury, Richmond, Brentford, Ealing,Kew, Chelsea,Barnes, Hammersmith, Hounslow,Putney and Fulham

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