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Good Morning,

This is the last time Iím going to spend Christmas †like this:

Iíve been looking at all the great toys†for the kids in all the ads in the papers, and †then shopping at the dollar stores.

Iíve been thinking about what I want, and †what I want for those people Iím close to - and ††how that just isnít going to happen.

Every week I look for whatís on sale -†at the discount stores.

Iíve told myself I have champagne taste and live on a beer budget so many times Iím starting to wonder if Iíll ever get to open that bottle of champagne.

† If youíre like me, this isnít what you want either.

† For me, this is absolutely the last time Christmas is going to be like this. Itís the last Christmas Iíll spend without the money to buy what I want for the kids, my

relatives and friends. And myself. I promise.

† Because this year, Iím doing something about it.

† Iíve just joined a Network Marketing Program.†

† After months of thinking about what I could do to work from my home - part time and set my own hours - and still get the additional income I needed, I decided a network marketing program makes sense.

† Iím now reading the workbook, and listening to the CDs, learning exactly how - the real way - to make a real income by mailing letters and placing classified ads.† I start out slow, work from home, when I want.

† Iím starting out part time, and building my income.

The interesting part about network marketingÖ†

especially the program I joined for free, is that at one point you donít just add to your income, you multiply your income.† Others work for you, they earn money while you earn money.

†††† I see now how I can multiply my income by 2 times,

4 times, a dozen times, by working SMARTER ó NOT HARDER ó if I stay with it and do it exactly how the manual shows me. So Iím following the manual, exactly.†

†††† Itís not fast, and itís not a get rich quick scheme† (they donít work, and you burn out in a blaze of hard work.)† This is different - itís a long term plan of smart marketing.

†††† If youíre a little depressed around the holidays like me, I certainly understand. If you want to do something about it - you can.† And you can do it right now.† Címon - Iíll show you how.

The only person holding you back isÖ you.† 

Why donít you just look at something new. Then decide for yourself if you want to give something new a try - just like Iím doing.† Give me a call right now -,+1 732-609-5625 Iíll help you every step of the way.

†††† This is the last Christmas youíll spend like this, too. Join me.† Give me a call and letís talk soon!.† Call

+1 732-609-5625

†††††††††††††††††† Yours in good health

†††††††††††††††††† and good holiday spirits,

†††††††††††††††††† Sania Farooq

†PS - Save this letter!† Think about it as Christmas gets closeÖ† Or anytime youíd like a change in your life - to make more money than youíre making. Call me: +1 732-609-5625.† I look forward to speaking with you.

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