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iDrive 24v Motor Controller
  • 120amp continous rated
  • Prewired options options or bare bones
  • Built in switchable speed govenor

Click here for details and prices

Brass Controller

CJF Controls - Brass Tram Style Controller
  • Can be set  up with most motor controllers
  • Knotching effect
  • Bushed spindles 
  • Steel chassis
Click here for details

£278 Vacuum Portable Pump Box

All you need to operate vacuum brake systems. 
Complete with battery charger - details

£68.25 Commercial brake caliper

The unit is designed to be bolted on from the rear giving you a self aligning disk caliper. Simply pull the lever to apply the brake.

If buying bogies from us we can fit a disk to our 1" axles for £21.
5" Gauge Accessories

For 5" and 7 1/4" guage tracks - click on picture for details
Link to track page
5" Gauge Track Pack  - per 10m  £160

16mm rail only. For 4 plates and 8 nuts and bolts  £4.00

Ready to lay points aluminium 12 foot left or right hand. Laser cut steel frogs. 

Point only Point with lever fitted (lever not fitted if points are to be posted) Electric operated
16mm rail £346 £378 £416
21mm rail £347 £379 £417

Diamond Crossings - Custom design - Prices from around £210

 General Accessories

16 - 21 mm rail profile  £104

Welded - unpainted 5" Gauge £26.75
Welded- unpainted - stubby version 5" Gauge £26.25
Welded 7 1/4" gauge - 8mm steel
7 1/4" Gauge

Lever Frame - available in banks of 4 levers -kit prices from £378
Multi Slot Coupling £31.50 3 slot coupling - each. (2 slot coupling £26.25) Price for single coupling
£14.50 Price per pair (two couplings)
£31.50 Supplied as un-painted kit - simple assembly required

Prices on signal page

Due to the scale of this product prices will be worked out per order. Design changes and customisation are also offered . Available as a range of options from parts to full assembly

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