"Teams of People Working Together to Achieve Individual Success" The principle of working together with your team should underpin how you operate. Managing people doesn't just mean acting as overseer, to see that they get their work done satisfactorily. It means involving people throughout the team in a creative role, to ensure that together you are all able to succeed.

Automate Your Funds For Needs Biz Sponsoring

How To Automate Your Online Business
"Not Just Another Company But a Company With a Cause"
We offer multiple streams of Income TO GROW YOUR CASHFLOW

Funds for Needs, the "Company with a Cause", is not your typical company.
 We help individuals and organizations raise funds for worthy causes.
Our marketing plan is very simple... 
We Love People; We Tell People; We Help People.

If you, or any organization, needs funds you will want to learn more about Us.
 Website to Review and Join :  http://www.fundsforneeds.com/hvc/

FundsForNeeds Information: http://fundsforneeds.info/

Funds for Needs is no ordinary company... it is a "One of a Kind" with many "Causes".

You are cordially invited  to contribute your talent.

A Fund Raising Program called "Inspire Value Club Fundraiser" is
On our conference calls, we will  be sharing with you how it works.
We do invite you to make a $30 donation. You will receive a gift incentive
that includes a $50 Gift Shopping Card and a 1 year membership in the
Value Club with thousands of dollars of discounts on travel, entertainment,
meals, etc, while you are helping Funds For Needs to launch this new program.

How Funds Are Created:

Our mission in building an income for whomever joins at $10  is to
"Get Five and Come Alive", or simply refer and sponsor 5 other members.
If they are only $10 members the duplication of that 6 more times
(no clock ticking to require you do it in a certain period of time)
creates over $60,000 per month of potential income plus matching bonuses.
We have a 90 day plan where each person gets 5 people every 2 weeks
and in 90 days their income can be over $10,000 per month
*Income Disclaimer: As mandated by the Federal Trade Commission.
Results are not typical. As with any business, you may not make
(or raise) a dime. Income (if any), is all based on sales, contributions
and your and your team's skill set

Fund Raising program for non-profits:
I-Texts: Free to become a sales agent and help churches and
other non profit organizations raise funds for various project needs
through revenue sharing from mobile text message advertisers.

Other Benefits:

.Beyond Christmas Platinum Visa Rewards Card
 Amazing Platium Visa Rewards Debit Card
Print Founders:
No additional cost. Join as a free member
Offer its members not only a way to save on their own printing needs
    Very competitive prices (For Example 1,000 business cards for $26.95)

Bible Based Money Management Seminar:
Helping members of a non-profit church or organization become
debt free in the shortest amount of time  http://www.ourdebtfreechurch.com/

Custom Designed Fund Raisers:
We have the perfect plan for anyone that has a "Cause" and wants to help support it.

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