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Pensions QROPS


If you are a UK resident it may be possible to transfer your pension into a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pensions Scheme (QROPS). This will in effect release you from the restrictions of a UK regulated pension and could provide such benefits as:

  • No longer having to purchase an annuity at age 75
  • Your heirs can inherit the balance of your pension fund.
  • No UK Inheritance Tax liability on your pension fund.
  • More tax efficient income withdrawal.
  • Multi-currency payments


Life Assurance

In the word and wisdom of Sir Winston Churchill :-

"If I had my way I would write the word 'Insure' upon every door of every cottage and upon the blotting book of every public man, because I am convinced that with sacrifices which are inconceivably small, families and estates can be protected against catastrophes which would otherwise smash them up for ever.

It is our duty to arrest the ghastly waste, not merely of human happiness, but of national health and strength, which follows when, through the death of the breadwinner, the frail boat in which the family are embarked, founders, and woman and children and estates are left to struggle in the dark waters of a friendless world."

Need we say more!


Life Assurance is used primarily to provide money for people who are financially dependent on you!

If there is no one who will be financially distressed by your death, then life assurance may not be essential, though there are other reasons why it would be useful.


The following are all situations that may require the use of life assurance:-

  • Mortgage - If the house is to be lived in by your partner or children then it is normal practice to ensure that the mortgage is cleared on death. Also if you still have a house in the UK with outstanding mortgage then it may be wise to ensure life cover will take care of this.

  • Money for dependants. If you have a financially dependyant family then money will help provide for them, perhaps by allowing the surviving partner to stay at home or work part time for some years. Death can be a costly experience for the people left behind so by having some life insurance this  can make the whole grieving process as stress free as possible without worrying about money.

  • Business debts. Banks and creditors get worried when key people die. Credit lines get shortened or even pulled, often with fatal consequences for the business. If you are a key person in  your business then you should be seriously considering Life Insurance.

  • Business partners and co-directors. If you die you hope that your colleagues will pay a fair value for your share of the business, but they can only do this if the funds are available. Assurance can also be used to provide this.

The good news is that many people already have some life assurance and in many cases this will suffice for their needs, although as needs and circumstances change, it may need updating.

If you are a member of a good company pension scheme, read your benefits booklet. You may well find that if you die your spouse and/or children will get a lump sum and/or a pension. If you provide us with the details we can calculate the benefits and make sure that they will be sufficient. One problem with some old fashioned schemes is that unmarried partners are not always treated as a spouse.

Travel Insurance

I believe Travel Insurance is essential regardless of whether you are taking a short trip to visit relatives in the U.K. or whether you are planning that round the world trip you have always dreamed of. Unfortunately the stats tell us that British expats are GUILTY of not purchasing travel insurance thus putting their Health & Wealth at risk! Also many Cypriots believe that Travel Insurance is unnecessary.

However, regardless of where you live and where you travel to, emergencies and accidents are never welcome – and if they happen when you are away from home, they come with an extra level of stress. We have teamed up with a number of companies so that if you are travelling anywhere in the world, alone or with your family, for pleasure or on business, we can help you make sure that an incident never becomes a major crisis.

Travel Insurance will cover the cost of medical fees while travelling provided it is not a pre-existing condition. In the unlikely event that you need to be flown back home then your travel Insurance policy can also cover this cost for you. So as you can see, all the costs associated with getting ill while travelling out of your home country can result in fairly substantial financial costs. In the past I have heard of people being personally out of pocket for sums of money ranging between £30,000 and £50,000. There are certain countries in the World that whilst travelling if you get sick and are unable to pay the bills personally and you have no travel insurance then you will not be treated. So this highlights that a lack of travel insurance can realistically put your health and wealth at great risk and add unnecessary stress to what should be a relaxing holiday.

There are many different options available when choosing a travel insurance policy and all depends on your age, your budget, how long you are travelling for, how often you travel, etc. When buying make sure you are absolutely clear on what is covered and what is not covered – always ask yourself ‘what would happen if I didn’t have travel insurance’? So whether you are looking for an all-inclusive policy or one that provides just the basics, we can help you select the Travel Insurance Policy that’s right for you. If you would like to know more, contact us for your free no obligation quotation.

Wills & Trusts

There are a number of reasons for holding assets in trust and there are many types of trust to cater for those reasons.

This area can be simple or extremely complex and sound financial advice is certainly required.

Some of the reasons for establishing a trust are:

To nominate who should benefit from your assets on your death
To make gifts and preserve wealth for future generations
To assist in Inheritance Tax Planning
To maximize tax efficiency

We can provide specialized trust formation in a number of offshore jurisdictions tailored to meet a clients specific needs


When you live in a foreign country where the laws on inheritance can differ widely from the UK it is important to follow a few simple rules to make life easier for your dependents

If you have assets in a foreign country make sure you have a local will.
If you have assets in the UK make sure you have a UK will
Make sure your will is up to date
Let your dependents know the location of your will

A little careful planning can save a considerable amount of time, money and stress in the future.



“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Benjamin Franklin

Investing for growth or income?

We can offer a wide range of investment products ranging from offshore bank accounts to fully managed portfolios. Everybody needs to invest otherwise their capital will be eroded purely by the rate of inflation. But where to invest is one problem. The other problem is what do I want from my investment.


Everybody's requirements can be different which is why you need sound financial advice. Our consultants will discuss a clients individual requirements and then prepare a detailed report outlining how best to achieve them.Once the investment is finalised, regular statements are sent to clients and meetings between advisor and client arranged to monitor performance and discuss any changes that may need to be made to the portfolio in line with market conditions.

There are always new funds and investment strategies coming into the market place so if you wish to be kept informed of these, all you have to do is contact us to register on our mailing list.

It is our role as an IFA to help you choose the right investments in order to help you meet your objectives.
What you need to give some thought to is what those objectives are. This is an area in which compromise and self understanding are essential.
Broadly speaking everyone wants investments which are safe, in the sense that they cannot fall, and which offer high returns. This ideal combination is not available. Beware anyone who claims otherwise.

Sensible investment planning revolves around understanding what your investment aims are. Broadly speaking the longer that your investment is to be left alone, (e.g. for retirement), the higher level of short term risk that is acceptable. If however the money is needed in full in the near future (e.g. for a house deposit) then short-term safety is essential.

In short, we will help you determine an investment strategy appropriate for your needs, and using the investments best suited to your investment attitude and tax position.

Getting your investment strategy right can make your life a dream - getting it wrong can make it a nightmare.



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