How To Earn Commissions And Rewards

Joining as a distributor

As a Marketing Director distributor you can earn down 6 levels of your business after referring in 3 people. If you refer 4 people into your business within 14 days of your account being activated then the system will pay down 8 levels. Commissions in your business is based on positions filled and paid into your wallet.

As a Marketing Director you earn $10 on each Marketing Director position filled in your business matrix. refer 1 person and it unlocks the 4th level of your matrix, refer 2 people and it unlocks the 5th level and refer 3 people to unlock the 6th level.

No Sponsoring Required

There is no need to sponsor to start earning commissions from your matrix, on the first three levels.

Refer one directs and the system pays commissions on the 4th level with 256 positions.

Refer two directs and the system pays commissions on the 5th level with 1024 positions.

Refer three directs to unlock your 6th level with 4,096 positions.

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