Your Matrix Earnings

Team Building and Filling Your Matrix

The payplan works round a 4 by 6 matrix with 4 positions below each position, so your 1st level has 4 positions, the 2nd level has 16 positions and the third has 64 positions etc.

Each position in your matrix is filled by your Team Build, so new positions are dropped into your business by your referrals, the people your introduced making their referrals and the people above you making their referrals and completing their positions in their matrix above you. As the matrix is a forced filled matrix, this can create spill down, but do not rely on it as your only source of completing your matrix.

You have all the tools available to promote your TAN business and make referrals by simply sharing your experience.

The Matrix


Your matrix has the following levels:
Level Positions
Lv1 4
Lv2 16
Lv3 64
Lv4 256
Lv5 1024
Lv6 4096

For each position that fills in your business you earn commissions as members pay their subscription. As funds clear they are paid out on your weeks statement .


Sponsoring Rules

You can earn from the first three levels of your business without the need to sponsor. This gives a total of 84 positions and can be over $800 

By sponsoring you open up additional levels in your business. Sponsor 1 direct and you open up the 4th level on your matrix, sponsor 2 directs and you open up the 5th level of your matrix.

Anyone that signs up through any of your links will be your direct and earn you the extra levels.