Change the way you think about advertising your business

With TAN Marketing

Internet advertising is a multi-billion dollar business with companies spending thousands on advertising online to promote their business and products. Internet Advertising has now overtaken traditional media such as newspaper advertising and television advertising. Many businesses are spending 10% of their turnover on advertising.

Inclusive in the membership is the option of unlimited website pages to promote every aspect of your business. Unlimited banners advertising for your own promotions. Keep people informed on your business with MyTAN posts and link into friends. Create your own advertorial page to get people to read all about your products and services.

Why not promote your business profile and video for the year with our marketing system.

Free MyTAN pages

Start promoting your business with a FREE MyTAN page and post information about your business. Link with friends and link in with your social media. Simply register to start using MyTAN.

With MyTAN pages, you can make posts with title, content and links as well as embed video or upload images with your latest MyTAN posts at the top of your page. Friends can post comments and replies.

Full Membership

Our marketing solution allows you to promote your business using a simple template and link this into your own website, social networks, add have a contact response form for people to get in contact with you.

You then have the option to build your own fully responsive website in which you can embed your own video and create unlimited pages with a simple to use admin panel.

This is then made available in our business directory for people to search and promoted to the major search engines.

You also get your own unique URL to promote as your own profile

Setting up your profile

Setting up your TAN website

You can set up your own website profile in minutes to promote your own busness with our immediate templates.

Set up a video profile and promote your business for a year. Change the video when ever you need

Your website can also have a contact response form for people to contct you directly. The QR (Quick Response Code) links directrly into your site on mobile apps. 

Link into all your social media profiles. Each page has sharing for LIKES, TWEETS and GOOGLE+