Some might say I'm an old man now - but I know that I am not! Old men are negative and have wrinkles - but I am positive and although I might have lines on my face I know they are character lines or laughter lines, not wrinkles…

I've been involved in Network Marketing for 40 years - which, I am told, makes me the most experienced network marketer in Europe. When I started in the industry I was absolutely useless - I made every mistake in the book; I even made mistakes which were not in the book and no-one had ever heard of before and if I saw somebody making mistakes that I had not yet made - I copied them!

Then I had a brainwave. If I couldn't sponsor Distributors, I would breed them. I started a family and bred children - lots of them. They would be my first generation. Their children would be my second generation - I have lots of grandchildren. My great-grandchildren would be my third generation - and that is now beginning to happen.

However, I realised fairly quickly that this way would take too long to build a large network, so I persisted in the normal methods - and finally became successful. In fact, I became Top Distributor in five different companies - probably because everybody else left!

I decided several years ago to help others to succeed in networking beyond their wildest dreams - so they would not have to endure the difficult times that I had at the start of my Network Marketing career.

When I left full-time education I went into research in jet engines and rocket motors - I became a rocket scientist. Many people say that success in Network Marketing is "…not rocket science" and I believe that I am the only person in the world who can confirm that for sure - having had experience of both!

So - now I am a full-time Network Marketing trainer - and I train people from all over the world. As well as the training I provide, I have written a set of three invaluable books on exactly how to succeed in Network Marketing. Many people have already told me that they are the most comprehensive books ever written and certainly the most helpful. If you follow the teachings in them, your success in the industry is guaranteed,

If you need any help with anything at all you only have to ask me - I look forward to working with you.

Kind regards

Frank Bugden

Frank Bugden

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