Narrow Gauge Railways are unique in their charm with narrow tracks and over-sized locomotives running through quaint scenery. I am a modeller in SM32 who is looking at sharing my hobby and building a range of production model to sell.


Current status : Planning every aspect carefully

Writing up my railway in a book

I am busy putting together a small book all about the development of the fictional Devonshire Regional Railways system over 80 years from 1935 to current date showing how a narrow gauge network could have been developed to provide a network of rail services. The aim of the book is to show the thought processes of how a modern narrow gauge would have worked in the UK and how it got there from humble beginnings. 

The book is going to detail 2ft narrow gauge based in the Barnstaple area of Devon and showing the models that I intend to build in 16mm scale (SM32) for my own railway. I intend to put the book online to share with people and then build 3D models in CAD to show the locomotives, carriages and wagons in detail with a 3D viewer.

 The next stages of the program will be to get them to work in Microsoft Train Simulator and build a virtual railway so people can actually drive them on scheduled services. I would appreciate anyone that has worked on designing narrow gauge on train sim to get in touch and let me know the pit falls. 

After the designs are done in CAD, I will then get round to actually producing the models in plastic with 3D printed parts, cast resin parts and make production models so anyone else interested in purchasing can have their own models to run on their outdoor garden railway.

SM32 Narrow Gauge

Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway

Amazing public railway

Planning a Modern Narrow Gauge Railway in SM32

The outline for the designs of my new range of locomotives is to cretae a modern narrow gauge scene providing real commuter services around the region of Devonshire hence the name Devonshire Regional Railways.

I plan to start the CAD design stage for my locomotives and rolling stock in a couple of weeks and will produce them in 3D models that can be run with in Train Simulator. This will then allow for all the dimensions to be precise and for people to be able to actuallu drive the 3D models in a virtual journey. 

From the CAD drawings I will then look at the prpcess of building the models in cast resin and plastic inhection processes and look at mass production.

The Virtual 3D models will then anable the marketing of the locomotives and carriages over the internet to help generate sales.

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