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My name is Jenny Cooke and I live in the coastal town of Formby just outside Liverpool not far from my parents. When I left school, I was never sure what I wanted to do but secretly had my sights set on becoming a millionaire.My lifetime ambition was not so much to do with the money but the idea of achieving my dream goal as testament to my personal achievement through sheer hard work, something I’ve never been shy of.

The road to my current role has been thwart with personal difficulties and even when I left school ended up completing a Hotel Management & Catering course at my local college, a qualification I was not convinced would lead me to where I really wanted to go.



Jenny Cooke Shares Her Story And Leads The Way To Online Marketing Success

Finding the job market extremely difficult since I managed to secure a job at a gorgeous country house hotel. On the day I met the hotel owner, I felt the atmosphere was relaxed and recollect how his dog was collapsed at his feet under the table. We had a friendly, informal chat over a cup of coffee and I was finally able to declare gainful employment! 


Bon Voyage !

Settling comfortably into my new role, it wasn’t long before my new boss gave me more responsibility and promoted me. After 5 happy years at the country hotel, I finally got the travel bug and along with my partner, decided to head out to Australia and New Zealand.

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Having spent 2 years in Australia we headed over to New Zealand and after a year I became poorly and despite numerous tests, doctors were unable to provide me with a diagnosis. Recognizing that I’d hit burn out, I resigned myself to coming home at which time I also split from my long term partner.

With a low budget we opted for back packing and apart from having a fantastic time for a fair period of our stay, were extremely resourceful.  Everyone back home said we’d return within 6 months, but prepared to remain on the other side of the world we did every kind of job you can imagine from fruit picking to starting our own business. 






 Team Work

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Settling back into UK life was a real challenge and even more so when I found myself once again in front of prospective employers. My ability to interview well had not progressed and now I had the added challenge of explaining my long absence from continuous employment despite my recent amazing life experiences and personal resourcefulness.  Finally opting for temporary contracts via Kelly’s Agency, I was placed at BT where I was offered permanent employment with the Acquisition team, a role which involved not surprisingly talking to people on the phone!Achieving 400% target as the top performer I was very proud of my personal achievements and was rewarded well with a good salary and bonus.  Never ceasing to take my eye off the plan to become a millionaire, I joined network marketing company Herbalife and spent my lunch breaks whilst working at BT recruiting people into the business. 

Finally hitting burnout once again, I was forced to resign from my role. With Herbalife to turn to, I worked whenever I felt I had enough energy but soon found that I needed to be up and around most of the time in order to work the business successfully.

Frequently having to retire to bed during the day, I realized that my team building efforts were ultimately going to be wasted and that poor health was the dominating factor in my day to day life.  My vast life experiences, both positive and negative have taught me so much over the years and mostly, I have learned from my failures and am an even stronger person as a result.


A New Life in Marketing   

I know that network marketing is an amazing journey that I love because I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way and it offers the opportunity to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills.  The Advertising Net was launched in Januaury 2012 and I was sponsored directly into the company.  I have always loved working with TAN Marketing not just because of the product but because of the home business opportunity it provides, the people I work with, including the founders who have a very down to earth approach to the business. 


Thankfully in July last year, I came across an alternative health product and have not looked back as my energy has soared and I cannot be more thankful for her ‘Miracle Water’ that keeps me  going day in and day out.  I am now in the process of building a great team and they haven’t really got started yet! I am very excited about the future, being able to help people into such an easy business for knowing just three people.

Over the years, I have looked at numerous network marketing opportunities and have never seen a more phenomenal pay plan that will pay out a referral commission for simply promoting your own business. I am looking forward to achieving this. Everyone needs traffic to their website and as far as I am concerned, there can’t be a single person out there that wouldn’t pay $99.00 a year to get a website and completely automated indexing with all the major search engines.

It’s such an easy business to do globally, this will work for any type of business and help promote any other website. You can also promote your own business video for people to watch and click through to your link. Overall I feel that this gives me a total online solution to promote my other businesses and build my team within TAN Marketing

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As top UK performer and the first associate in TAN Marketing to achieve recognition, I am excited and have finally come home and will without doubt, be able to achieve my lifetime dream goal of becoming a millionaire!

If my story makes you feel like you want to be apart of something big then please contact me and let me show you what is possible with this fantastic system.

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