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„We rejuvenate you in 12 weeks by at least 10 BIOS AGE years or you get your money back.“

BYAS is a unique skin rejuvenation system. 100.000 satisfied customers and an Efficacy Study conducted by a German University Clinic speak for themselves: „BYAS is very well suited for remediation of age-related hyaluronic acid deficiency.“

Who we look for

Enthusiastic people who want to make a difference and do not think in pre-made categories are correct at WellStar. If you bring passion and innovation, come and join us!


Who we are

WellStar can look with pride on a unique success story back and simultaneously with joyful anticipation eventful in a future. About 20,000 active distributors have the products of WellStar, which now comprise according to various product innovations leading products in the segments "Natural Vitality", "Natural Beauty" and "Natural Energy", meanwhile sold millions of copies in many European countries. For the extensive support of the partners and the meticulous implementation of the corporate vision work in the European headquarters in Berlin and the regional headquarters of South-East Europe in Budapest total of 100 employees. Total sales of WellStar is in excess of 100 million euros.


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