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Narrow Gauge Railways

Narrow Gauge Railways are unique in their charm with narrow tracks and over-sized locomotives running through quaint scenery. I am a modeller in SM32 who is looking at sharing my hobby and building a fleet of narrow gauge locomotives and rolling stock for my own design of railway. If you are interested in SM32 and garden railways then feel free to connect with me and share your thoughts.

Narrow Gauge Railways

Narrow Gauge Railways

My specialist interest is in Narrow Gauge Railways which are trains that run on narrow tracks less than 4ft8in gauge and have a unique charm of their own. Many narrow gauge railwys went out of business befire the end of the 1960's when all their freight services were moved to road transport as a cheaper alternative or bus services took passengers away from the lines. Now most railways are tourist railways and are full with visitors.

I enjoy model railways and particularly designing and building my own locomotives and rolling stock. Im now working in SM32 16mm scale and running on 32mm gauge track. I am like most other people, planning to build a big layout but limited on time as i often work to hard to take time out. I have plan to ease off the peddles soon and start taking  more time for my hobby and start to build the stock i have drawn out. 

What got me into narrow gauge railways was a book i got when i was at school about the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway and at that time i went into 009 scale and had a couple of locomotives and some freelance coaches. Since then I have been into other scales and working my way up the gauges. I have sone 5 inch gauge rolling stock and locomotives that are narrow gauge design, but my garden is not big enough to have a layout in that scale. So they are currently waiting till i get time to start running them again and travelling round the country with the car and family for days out.

In the mean time I have a few SM32 projects in hand for a fleet of locomotives and coaches i want to produce in the near future starting at shunters and moving upto a full 5 coach railcar set. So im going to share my designs and my plans with people and see how many people like them or how many think im totally mad!

Devonshire Regional Railways (SM32)

My railway is designed around a regional network running 2ft gauge with a modern railway services around the region of Devonshire, hence the name Devonshire Regional Railways SM32. If the quiant little railway of the Lynton & Barnstaple railway had survived intact, it would be one of the most prestogous railways running today, instead it closed in 1935 and was simply hacked up and scrapped. My railway design is based on 2ft gauge and starts with the L & B Railway expanding in the 60's with a l;ne to Butlins Holiday camp in Minehead and then expanding its railway network from Barnstaple across to other major towns over the next 50 years. Building up a profile of rural railway lines spreading across the region and running a modern day commuter service.

SM32 Models

I am designing and building all my own SM32 locomotives and SM32 carriages constructing them out of plastic card and building up from shunters and freight lovomotivs to a full rake of 5 coach DEMU units with all the progression between. The SM32 rolling stock will be designed to run on any track from indoor layouts with track pickup to garden railways using radio control and battery packs with a switch to select the power source. 

My SM32 carriages are going to be a revolutionary design using articulated bogies and 38ft long carriages, designed as modern rolling stock. I will be casting my own coach bogies from cast resin and trying to incorpate a supsension system into the bogies to cope with keeping everything running smoothly. The carriage will be designed with interior lighting, glazing and fitted seats.

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