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The Dr. Now Brand

Dr. Now Company is an online brand that stands for truly effective online marketing and crowd funding techniques spearheaded by Bernd Wachter, a.k.a, Dr. Now. Hundreds of aspirants in the sales and online marketing industries who have been trained by Dr. Now are now reaping the rewards of his unique training, methods and sales close strategies. The Dr. Now brand is all about Closing the deal, not tomorrow but... TODAY!

Most online companies and programs would only care about bringing in the numbers on their charts. Bernd Wachter seeks every possiblity of bringing out the best in his trainees so that they not only join highly profitable online businesses but also have the ability to build their online presence and business. This is always backed by Dr. Now's signature strategies in closing sales so each one of his valued students have gained a mastery of building online businesses and reaping the best results as far as conversion for their main businesses online.


Dr. Now and The Advertising Net (TAN Marketing)

TAN Marketing With Dr. NowOne of the focus of Dr. Now's training is educating people about the need for a marketing platform that aids not only in enhancing one's knowledge about how to do online marketing properly but also works in such a way that one's downline gets the necessary skills and leverage to help them duplicate what they have done. Imagine yourself having a great number of people inside your business but not one of these people has a clue as to how they are to build their side of the business!

Teaming up with TAN Marketing has added a great deal of value shown in the Dr. Now brand in such a way that the marketing platform itself teaches every person inside a leader's organization on the best practices done in online marketing. To top that, they can download tools that they can use and ultimately build their own organization or downline at no cost!

Once inside Dr. Now's marketing platform in TANMarketing.Biz, each one of the members get a chance to build their downline for free and carry them over to The Advertising Net where they get the opportunity to monetize the time that they spend in building a network and business.


TAN Marketing and Crowd Fortress

Dr. Now is a lead proponent of Crowd Fortress. This crowd funding platform is so unique that it gives people 100% of the revenue accumulated from their crowd funding projects. To top that, people whom Dr. Now have sponsored are never in the blind as to how they promote and grow their crowd funding themes. They are being trained inside the TAN Marketing Platform directly supervised by Bernd Wachter himself.

Within Dr. Now Company is where you can find out how a truly profitable and charitable online activity as crowd funding with Crowd Fortress blends well with an online marketing platform in TAN Marketing that helps people to effectively build their online presence, learn basic and advanced strategies in online marketing and ultimately be able to monetize the time that they spend in building their own online business.

To summarize, the Dr. Now brand gives people access to advanced marketing sales strategies, provides a truly reliable and worthwhile business in Crowd Fortress and also equips and empowers people through the support of a dynamic online marketing paltform in TAN Marketing!


TANMarketing.Biz With Dr. Now Company


Dr. Now Company Offers the following services:

Crowd Funding Consultation

Online Marketing Strategy

One-On-One Coaching

Specialized Downline Build Access

Network and Build an On Line Business

Group Webinars


Dr. Now is always only a Skype or Phone Call Away!


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